Initial renewable energy survey

Each project starts with a Renewable Energy Survey, which provides our clients with a top-line estimation and plan. We can also provide COVID friendly site visits conducted by our energy experts once a plan is agreed. Every property is different, and with our bespoke approach, it is recognised there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution.

We assess your project and your property’s requirements, along with characteristics to:

  • Identify the most suitable energy technology options – renewable, traditional or hybrid
  • Understand your personal or business goals
  • Maximise your budget by recommending the most efficient energy options for your specific requirements

Building the business case

As part of this initial consultation, building your business case is an essential step.

We conduct this phase, no matter the size or the energy technology required, in order to:

  • Outline the project benefits detailing fuel-saving, RHI income and carbon reduction
  • Provide a system specification and cost
  • Ensure it makes financial, as well as environmental, sense

We also include guidance on sources of funding or finance, appropriate for your project. YFE can introduce you to credit providers and with robust insurance for every project, we offer peace of mind and security for the long term.

Once you have reviewed your Business Case we can move to phase two – a full energy system design.

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