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Car test centre – Air Source Heat Pump

Sector:       Commercial
Category:  Heat Pumps
Project:      Reduce high heating bills
Product:    Global Energy Systems Lincoln Air Source Heat Pumps

The installation of three large Lincoln Air Source Heat Pumps, which provide heating via fan convectors has led to an estimated £13,450 annual saving, which includes payments received from a government incentive scheme.

The car test centre was experiencing high energy bills from heating the large and airy space, and the installation has helped to substantially reduce the annual heating costs.

Farm House Renovation

Sector:       Domestic; Property renovation; Rural; Off-grid power supplies
Category:  Heat Pump
Project:      Off grid alternative heating – Air Source Heat Pumps
Product:    Global Energy Systems 18 Kw Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pump

This rural, off-grid farm building had a 18 kw Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pump installed to provide all heating and hot water during it’s renovation into a house. The property owner estimates annual savings are in the region of £1,880, compared to using oil heating in the same area. The savings include payments from the governments Renewable Heat Incentive
Scheme (RHI).

Delichon Ltd

Sector:       Commercial; offices
Category:  Heat Pumps
Project:      Office heating
Product:    Global Energy Systems three Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pumps

This new build warehouse opted for air source heat pumps over traditional fuels, providing an estimated saving of £6,000 on heating. Additional payments of £2,500 from the Non- Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme will be made annual for the next 20 years, ensuring estimated savings of £8,500 a year.

The wet heating system consists of fan convectors mounted in the roof space, to heat the storage areas, and radiators to heat the office areas.

Grade II Listed Country House

Sector:      Domestic; Rural; Country house
Category:  Heat Pumps
Project:     Reduction in heating and running costs
Product:   Global Energy Systems three Caernarfon Air Source Heat Pumps

To reduced high running costs of this Grade II listed country house, from a purely oil-based heating system, three Air Source Heat Pumps were installed alongside the original oil boiler. The size of the property and installation meant it was eligible for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Estimated annual savings for this installation are £7,135 a
year, including the annual RHI payment for the next 20 years.

NB this case study looks like an estimate; not clear it was actually installed:?

Discover Adventure

Sector:       Offices
Category:   Heat Pumps
Project:      Office heating and hot water supplies
Product:    Global Energy Winchester Air Source Heat Pumps

This growing adventure company were keen to use renewable energy when they moved into new, larger premises. Compared to traditional power supplies, the survey indicated their annual savings to be around £1,150 if they switched to Air Source Heat Pumps. Plus, the client’s project would be eligible to apply for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, which would receive payments for 20 years, providing a further annual saving of

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