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Domestic heating replacement with Biomass boiler and ground source heat pump.

Sector:      Domestic
Category: Biomass boiler
Project:     Replacement heating system
Product:   Grant Spira 9-36kW

This Hampshire based home owner wanted to replace their existing heating system which comprised a log-fired boiler working in conjunction with a ground source heat pump that was powered by electricity.

The log fired boiler, which was a labour intensive and dirty job to feed, was replaced with two Grant Spira 9-36kW Biomass boilers, which burns wood pellets.

The biomass boiler is fully automatic self-feeding and self-cleaning. It performs much like an oil or gas boiler. The compressed wood pellets conform to EN Plus Grade A1 standard and are produced from recycled wood, or virgin timber from managed resources.

The Spira biomass boiler regulates the amount of fuel being fed to the burner in line with the heat demands placed on it. It does not require regular feeding like the log burner.

A secondary heat exchanger increases efficiency by capturing and re-using waste gas exhausted by the flue system from burning the wood pellets.

The house owner comments, “The new boiler is fantastic! It’s quiet, clean and heats the house really effectively.”

Biomass boiler & solar thermal replacement heating system for 1930s house

Sector:      Domestic
Category: Biomass boiler; Solar thermal; Hybrid renewable energy system
Project:     Replacement heating systems
Product:   Grant Vecta internal biomass boiler
                  Grant Solar Thermal System
                  Grant ThermaWave store

This 1930s home in this Bedfordshire village was heated by inefficient, old, electric storage heaters. The village was off-gas and the homeowners were keen for an environmentally clean system.

A biomass boiler combined with a solar thermal hot water system and thermal store was chosen.

A low noise Grant Vecta 4-16kW internal biomass boiler was installed. It is compact and suitable for fitted in a utility room. It has a 60kg integral pellet hopper which requires topping up.

It is MCS approved and eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments, self-cleaning and easy to maintain. Its user-friendly controls show when the burner is on, when pellets are running low, and when ash removal is required.

A Grant Solar Thermal System was installed alongside the biomass boiler comprising of of two collectors and panels were mounted on the roof. The solar panels work year-round providing energy to heat the house’s hot water supplies.

The hot water is stored in a 300 litre Grant ThermaWave Store which allows multiple heat sources to be connected. The thermal store allows the solar thermal and biomass energy to be combined and used efficiently to reduce heating and domestic hot water costs.

Biomass boiler provide environmentally friendly energy for campaign and caravan park

Sector:      Leisure; Camping & Caravan park
Category: Biomass boiler
Project:     Replacement heating system
Product:   Grant Spira 9-36kW

Steading’s Park in Suffolk has a 15 acre camping and caravan park with 60 pitches. When the park built a new modern shower block the managers wanted it to be economic and environmentally sustainable, as well as reducing annual spend on fuel bills.

A biomass boiler was selected as an ideal renewable energy source and brings the fuel bills down by over one third.

It had capacity to supply hot water to the new shower block as well as heat the main house and supply their hot water too. Rather than burning fossil fuels, the biomass boiler burns wood in the form of pellets, wood chips or logs. The compressed raw materials in the wood pellets are made from recycled wood, or wood from managed resources.

The original gas boiler supplied only the shower block and a separate heating system suppling the main house was costing Steadings Park in over £3,000 a year. The replacement Grant Spira biomass boiler will deliver an estimated annual running cost of £1,900 giving a considerable annual cost saving.

The project was also eligible to apply for the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The scheme uses a heat meter to monitor the energy produced and then pays the owner over 20 years through an index linked government grant . It is estimated that with the RHI, the new biomass boiler can generate Steadings Park with over £2,500 income per annum. Thus, the original £13,000 installation investment would be recouped within six years.


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