Heat Pumps

What are heat pumps?

Ground source heat pumpsHeat Pumps

Quite simply, a ground source heat pump system (GSHP) takes energy from the ground to provide heating and hot water.

The sun generates the energy and the heat can be extracted from pipes in the ground, from an underground aquifer or from a lake. These systems are extremely efficient and work in all weather conditions.

Air sourced heat pumps

Air sourced heat pumps (ASHP) work in a similar way to a ground source heat pump. However, rather than taking energy from the ground, it takes it from the surrounding air to generate heat and hot water.

Compared to the equivalent GSHP, the air-sourced systems are often cheaper to install, as you do not need to install the ground array, although it may not quite match the performance coefficients.

Who uses ground source heat pumps?

GSHP systems can be used for a wide range of projects and system sizes, for domestic and commercial properties.

Ranging from small single domestic installations to large commercial installations where multiple GSHP units can cater for all of the annual heating and hot water.

  • Large commercial buildings
  • Nursing homes / hospitals
  • Hotels / accommodation units
  • Schools / universities
  • Leisure centres/swimming pools
  • Main residence
  • Second homes
  • Renovation projects
  • New builds
  • Swimming pools
Who uses air sourced heat pumps?

Domestic and commercial property owners often use ASHPs, so they are suitable for most projects.

  • Large modern offices
  • Off-gas premises
  • Nursing homes / hospitals
  • Hotels / accommodation units
  • Leisure centres/swimming pools
  • Upgraded retro-fit properties
  • Modern properties
  • Buildings with high levels of insulation
  • New builds
  • Swimming pools – summer use
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