Retro fit heat pump to traditional domestic cottage

Sector:       Domestic;
Category:  Heat pump; hybrid system
Project:      Retro fit renewable energy system to late 1800s cottage
Products:  Vaillant aroTHERM 11kW AWHP

Mosswood Cottage, a three bedroom cottage in Yorkshire, was in need of a heating upgrade. The original oil boiler was proving to be costly and inefficient, with high monthly fuel bills for the homeowner.

A hybrid system was put in place including an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), a heat exchanger module and a 40-litre buffer tank.

The hybrid system will result in reduced fuel consumption and energy bills by approximately £1,410 every year. It will also bring in an estimated annual income under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) of £1,381, or £9,667 over seven years.

The hybrid system is controlled via the Vaillant triVAI intelligent tariff selection tool. This tariff control system intelligently selects the most cost-effective heat source based on a variety of coexisting variables.

Sustainable energy for new build residential estate

Sector:       Domestic; New build
Category:  Heat pump; solar power
Project:     New build domestic properities
Products:  9 x flexoTHERM 8kW
                   9 x VRC 700

A new build of an estate of nine exclusive three, four and five bedroom houses in Warwickshire aimed to achieve outstanding energy efficiency and support a more sustainable future.

The new homeowners can anticipate annual energy bills of approximately £350 to £400, a significant reduction on the UK’s average domestic energy bills.

The new build homes have each been specified with an 8kW ground source heat pump to supply all heating and hot water, in the most economically and environmentally efficient manner.

In addition, a number of other energy-saving and sustainable technologies have also been installed to complement the ground source heat pump including:

  • mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR)
  • wardrobe ventilation
  • solar PV panels
  • solar batteries

Each property features a Vaillant flexoTHERM, which generates heating and hot water and is designed to reduce running costs and the properties carbon footprint.

The flexoTHERM heat pump offers a flexible option as it can be connected to three different sources – ground, water or air. Connected to a ground loop, it provides the highest energy efficiency label and heating performance in its class, whilst also boasting a ‘Quiet Mark’, issued by the Noise Abatement Society.

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