Kingsmills Hotel Air efficient traditional energy heating system

Sector:      Hotels
Category: Traditional energy sources
Project:     Efficient, reliable modern heating system
Product:   Viessmann Vitoden 200W gas condensing boilers

Kingmills Hotel in Scotland underwent a complete renovation and refurbishment after it was acquired by new owners.

The hotel has over 75,000 guests a year and needed to replace its 40 year old cast iron boiler, which was inefficient and uneconomical to run.

Four new Vitodens 200-W were installed in a cascade formation, as multiple, cascaded boilers which can operate individually to provide the hotel’s varied hot water requirements at different times of day.

These smaller, more efficient units never use more energy than is needed and clever controls ensure an even spread of use to extend the life span of the whole package, and to ensure the hotel is not without a boiler if one unit is serviced or out of operation.

The new system offers the most energy efficient fossil fuel burning boilers, bringing huge energy and cost savings by replacing old, inefficient non-condensing boilers.

Concord College combined renewable energy systems

Sector:       Education
Category:  Combined renewable energies; Heat Pumps; Solar Power; Traditional energy sources
Project:      Efficient, reliable modern heating system
Product:    Viessman 5 x Vitocal 300-A, 12 x Vitosol 200-FM, 2 x Vitoradial 300-T

Concord College in Shropshire is an international school for students between 13 and 19 years of age.

The college operations seven days a week, and recently build a new three storey student accommodation block with 65 bedrooms. For economic and environmental reasons, the college adopted a mix of renewable energy sources.

The college wanted to invest in the optimum energy technologies for future proof energy efficiency. A combined energy system of Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal panels and a back up oil-based boiler system was installed.

Following completion Concord College expects to save £5,000 per year in fuel bills compared with a system that is exclusively oil-fuelled. A further financial gain of £10,000 will be made every year because the system is eligible for payments from the government’s RHI (Non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme, which provides a payback period over 20 years.

The new accommodation building will reduce its carbon emissions by 42 tonnes annually using its renewable energy system which comprises of:

Five Vitocal 300-A air source heat pumps, installed in a modulating cascade system, as the primary heat source for the building. All rooms are heated via underfloor heating and low temperature radiators.

The Vitocal 300-A achieves an extremely high coefficient of performance (COP) of 5.0. The resulting energy efficiency reduces running costs considerably compared to traditional heating methods.

12 Vitosol 200-FM solar thermal panels for the domestic hot water supply. The panels are integrated into the building’s roof and combine with the outdoor air source heat pumps.

Four Vitocell 300-B twin-coil DHW cylinders are installed to back up the air source heat pumps and solar thermal panels, for occasions when heating and hot water demands are exceptionally high. Hot water is stored in these two 129 kW oil condensing boilers, each with 500 litres capacity, which are situated in the building’s plant room.

These three sources of heat and domestic hot water are managed by Viessmann’s Vitotronic control system, which enables multiple heating sources to work together seamlessly, always choosing the most efficient method first.

Coastal property combined renewable energy sources

Sector:       Domestic; Swimming pool; rural property; country house
Category:  Combined renewable energies; Heat Pumps; Solar Power;
Project:      Replacement renewable energy system to cut costs
Product:    4 x Vitocal 300-G GSHP
                   1 x Vitocal 350-A ASHP
                   10m2 x Vitosol 200-F
                   2 x Vitocell 950L buffer vessels
                   1 x Vitocell 750L buffer cylinder

The property which includes a large house, 10m swimming pool, a spa, cottages and a helicopter hanger, needed to reduce its annual spend on an oil-fired heating and hot water system.

The new owners wanted to reduce running costs and carbon emissions by using natural resources and renewable heating technology.

The project involved replacing existing oil boilers across the site with multiple renewable technologies. Using solar panels, air and ground source heat pumps which work together the new system provide a cleaner and more efficient heating and hot water supplies. From spending approximately £55,000 per year on heating the estate through oil, the family is now saving around 24% of their previous energy costs. With the combination of renewable technologies, the newly installed system is expected to save 236 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Two plant rooms were renovated to achieve this; the first uses a ground source heat pump, which extracts heat from 5 boreholes on the premises into a 750 litre buffer vessel. This provides space heating, hot water and underfloor heating for the helicopter hangar, business offices and cottages.

The second plant room services the main house, swimming pool and spa and uses both ground source and air source heat pump technology, supplemented by solar thermal collectors for hot water.

Three heat pumps make use of an additional 22 boreholes to supply underfloor and space heating for the property. The boreholes are kept at least 12 metres apart to maximise the effectiveness of the heat pumps. An air source heat pump also contributes to the comfortable temperature throughout the house, transferring outside air into ambient space heating.

Solar thermal panels provide renewable hot water and pool heating for the property, delivering a 15 kW peak. Any excess heat is transferred into two 950 litre buffer vessels, to store hot water. The solar panels also recharge the ground temperature through excess thermal heat to boost the performance of the ground source heat pumps.

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