Wind Power

What is wind power?

The wind is freewind power

Wind power comes from using wind turbines to convert energy into electricity. Electricity can then be consumed on site, or sold back to the national grid.

Energy efficient?

Wind power will help reduce electricity bills. The wind is a free resource, and once you have paid for installation it will continuously cut your electricity costs and carbon footprint. Systems can be connected to the national grid or allow you to store excess power in batteries for calm weather days. A well-positioned, domestic 6kW pole mounted wind turbine can generate approximately 9000 kwh a year reducing around 3.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

How does it work?

The large blades on a wind turbine turn as they catch the wind and drive a turbine, that generates the electricity. Wind turbines are weather dependent. The more wind, the more power they can generate.

Wind turbines can be large, multiple installations for commercial use, to small pole or building mounted systems for domestic use.

Who uses wind power?

  • Businesses
  • Local communities
  • Agricultural properties
  • Rural premises
  • Local communities
  • Off-grid, exposed and coastal sites
  • Residential houses
  • Rural and coastal properties
  • Off grid domestic houses
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